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About White Rabbit Productions

White Rabbit Productions tells innovative, edgy stories: thrillers, black comedies, horror, provocative dramas… blending genres and themes in surprising ways.

On Stage.

With Mixed Media. 

And after many years of planning, on Film! 

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White Rabbit Productions -- formerly White Rabbit Theatre -- began in 1997 with 2 by Tennessee: Hello from Bertha & The Lady of Larkspur Lotion, lesser-known ones-acts by Tennessee Williams.

The company has since produced many new works and contemporary classics…as readings, workshops, and fully-staged productions. White Rabbit Productions has garnered multiple awards and nominations, most notably The 2008 Midtown International Theatre Festival’s “Outstanding Overall Production of a New Drama Play” Award for Bubby’s Shadow and The 2009 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity’s “Outstanding Overall Production of One-Act Play” Award for Meredith’s Ring. Other highlights include productions of tryin' t' touch the sun, CHiLLs, An Evening of Psychos, Voice,  LOVE & LUST, Hamlet Bound & Unbound, and Danny, as well as staged readings of Alice on The Edge and Strangers on Hollow Hill.  

Our primary focus shifted to creating works on film, and we are currently in pre-production with several new projects. 

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