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Upcoming Works

Below are a few pieces we are working on most actively and immediately at this time. 

We have quite a few pieces in development for stage, film, and multimedia.


While plans are ALWAYS subject to change, our current intention is to continue adapting two of Andrew Rothkin's short pieces to film:

This outrageously fun comedy that began life as a one-act play.

The Magenta Yenta

Martha wants what every mother wants for their grown children -- success, happiness and a stable, loving relationship.
And she is not going to let a tiny, insignificant thing like sexual preference get between her son and the ideal spouse!  

And this poetic, outlandish nightmare that started out as a short story. 

Which was then adapted to a radio show.  And then to a short play. 

The Change

Or is it?

"It's just a dream," he continually reminds himself. After all, "it’s just a dream."

Night after night, Dennis has been having the most horrific nightmares of his life. In this phantasmagoric dream world, his body transforms, slowly, agonizingly, into some unnamed hideous beast…and these dreams take such an emotional, mental and physical toll on his life that he refuses to leave his apartment.

We are currently in preproduction for Jonathan Wallace’s A Thousand Miles, his quirky romantic comedy stage play that we are adapting for film.  Rehearsals are underway via Zoom, but we look forward to being on location as a team before the end of the year.


Jonathan is coproducing.  

A Thousand Miles

Please check back. 

Details will be posted as they emerge. 

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